Team Honk Relay – the Cornish way.

That was the day that was…..

….the first day of Team Honk’s Blogger baton relay from Lands End to John O’Groats

….the first day I had run a section of the south west coast path in the dark

….the first day I had met Fiona from Coombe Mill after a few years of following her on Twitter

What a day!

The morning was spent checking twitter to see how Pippa @storyofmum was getting on as well as getting my boys to swimming and rugby. Pippa’s leg of the relay started at Lands End at 9am, putting their best foot forward for a wonky walk arriving in Penzance.

After travelling through the county to Jackie Murray in Truro it swiftly made its way to Fraddon escorted by the Coombe Mill crew whose fancy dress & quad bike antics made for a great time. Fiona & team then hot footed it over to Camelford, tweeting all the way, to arrive in time for the next portion of the journey.

The clouds were looming heavily over us as we sat waiting for news of the baton’s arrival, indeed we even had spots of rain starting. Ok then, the man suits went on and we were prepared to get a little damp.

My husband, James from Trewin Design Architects and his cycling buddy Stu Mitchell from Bond Oxborough Phillips took the baton from the effervescent Fiona to start their 27 mile cycle from Camelford to Morwenstow, where they would meet myself & some Caked In Mud crew to take on the last leg of that days journey. It was wonderful to meet Fiona after months of chatting online.

Camelford meet

Luckily for James & Stu, they had a tail wind all the way, ensuring they arrived dead on time to meet the lycra clad, waterproofed up runners. After saying a cheery farewell and passing the sign and the baton over, we set out on our journey, 9 miles of coast path running from Morwenstow to Hartland Quay.

Morwenstow handover Ready to run

A journey which as regular runners of this section of the coast path we knew would be a tough first half. With 2172 ft of ascents to take on in just the first 4 miles, it was a hard yet stunning first section. At this point the rain had not reached us, yet the winds were ensuring that we needed to hold on tight to the baton & the sign in case it decided to make its own way to John O’Groats via wind power alone! At times it very nearly did.

Air GuitarIt's a sign

The run itself was made all the more enjoyable by having a team of wonderfully supportive, fun loving runners alongside me. I would never have completed this one on my own. The weather started to take a turn for the worse at the half way mark & we really had to start putting some power into our running to give ourselves as many miles as possible in the daylight that was slowly fading.

We stopped off at Ronald Duncan’s hut to sit at his desk, take some much needed shelter and to mark our journey in the visitor’s book. It was tough to break away from the hut but we still had a journey to complete. We kept on running as the light would soon be fading.

The hut

The darkness hits you like nowhere else when you are out on the coast path. My ears became acutely switched on once darkness fell, the sound of the sea was incredible. We switched on our head torches and took it at a steady pace. One false turn and we would have been in trouble. Luckily Bridget and Roger, our navigators throughout, were past masters at coast path running, both in daylight & in the dark. I can’t explain how happy I was to see the lights of Hartland Quay.

We were soaked to the skin, cold, yet in such high spirits. We had been a part of something that started as a group of bloggers getting together to do something amazing for charity. The only part left to do was transport the baton to Jenny Paulin of Mummy Mishaps from the quay to Bideford. The story continues now with other areas of the country taking the baton, roller skating, swimming, walking and dancing their way through to the finale at John O’Groats.

The start (2) The middle (2) The End

What makes it worth it? Well, knowing that we are raising money for Sport Relief tends to spur you on, so please donate a fiver here as well as eating cake (the recipe for Divine Lemon Squares can be found on my EATS page) and finally sitting in a warm bath at the end of a busy, logistically challenging day tends to put everything into perspective. It had been a great day, now it’s over to the rest of the UK…..

Meeting Jenny at the very end of a busy day :)
Meeting Jenny at the very end of a busy day 🙂

27 thoughts on “Team Honk Relay – the Cornish way.

  1. What an inspiration you are – running in those conditions to benefit someone else – a big well done to you.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. It was a hard run but worth it for such a great cause and when I see what Davina has accomplished this pales into insignificance!! Amazing fundraising for Sport Relief 🙂

  2. What an incredible run – this whole journey is just so inspiring and your part sounds amazing.

    1. It really has made me want to go night time running again – who knew??!! The senses are awakened so much more, think I will pick a moonlit, dry, summers evening this time rather than hail, rain & windy winter one!!!
      All thanks to Team Honk and you lovely bloggers who got me involved. Happy Friday x x

  3. I sobbed the whole time you were doing this. You amazing bunch

    1. You are lovely and thanks for the support from Team Honk. Onwards it goes….

  4. Lara you and your friends are amazing to have covered so many miles in such awful weather by bike riding and running! awesome in fact and it was wonderful to have met you. xx

    1. Thank you Jenny. We were chilled to the bone but in true Caked In Mud style, a cuppa & piece of cake worked a treat. Thanks also for the yummy muffins – you don’t know how much these were cherished.
      Your day looked incredibly good fun, loving the Sumo suit lady!!! Looking forward to watching the baton makes it’s way up the country.
      So good to have been a part of it x

  5. What hero’s you all are! An amazing trip to start of the relay – we all have very big boots to fill!

    1. Ahhhh, thank you! Was a fun, action packed day. Looking forward to following the baton’s journey x

  6. Love it Lara, that the cyclists made up the time we lost makes me happy indeed. Your run is totally inspirational, my heart would love to have done it with you but my knees would never keep pace! I am keeping you to that biking meet up though now I have found a fellow enthusiast! the views of our wonderful coastline even in the cold and wet are breathtaking, huge congratulations, I was watching avidly on twitter to hear the baton had been passed on and you were home and safe. What a great day from Cornwall.

    1. I’m so looking forward to getting out on the bike Fiona, as well as the cuppa & cake after! It really was very awe inspiring out there last night – awakens your senses & made me feel very small amongst the huge ocean and vast coastline. We are so lucky to live here.
      All safe, all dry and thank you for all your support, help, messages, etc.x x

  7. Fantastic job done! I’m down to run a 5 mile leg as part of the Bristol crew. Not much of a runner so wish me luck. GO TEAM HONK 🙂

    1. That is awesome! Hope you have a great run and the weather is kinder to you than us. Will be following with interest. Go Honkers Go Run x

  8. Fantastic! Very well done indeed!

    1. Thank you Fiona, it was an amazing, tiring day 🙂

  9. Wow Lara this looks and sounds amazing – running the coastal path in the dark sounds terrifying and invigorating, and cake at the end sounds positively sensible. Go Team Honk Cornwall!! xx

    1. You got it there Pippa, invigorating & really highlights the senses!! Cake is the only way to end a run I find alongside a nice hot cuppa, there really is nothing like it!! How old do I sound now??!!
      Team Honk Cornwall rocked x

  10. Just amazing – so inspirational. I hadn’t thought about how dark and scary a coastal path would be in the dark until now, which makes you even more my hero.

    Thanks to you all – so much … and now I am off to check out the lemon squares!

    1. It was pretty strange out there in the dark but very thrilling too. Really feel small when you are out there. Hero I am not but a mad keen runner I am!! I enjoyed it so much, great to connect with all you honkers too. Enjoy the lemon squares, have you also seen the red wine chocolate cake??!! 😉

  11. Yay well done team Cornwall a great start to the relay. Go #TeamHonk woop woop 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Gina, so much support from all the other honkers around the country, I will be following with interest x

  12. Well done! Not sure I would have liked running on those coastal paths at night. But it’s fab you managed to keep hold of the baton. We are scooting the baton on Wednesday. We can’t wait.

    1. Good luck on Wednesday, have a great scoot. Hope the weather is on your side too. Go Go Honkers x

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