Make room for Silence


Ever since I morphed into a trail runner (from a road runner) I can safely say, hand on heart, that I have never come home without having benefited in some small way from making the surrounding countryside my playground.

I benefit greatly from making time for silence in what is fast becoming an ever connected world. I wrote a post entitled Solitude, which details what time alone offers me on my jaunts around the coast and countryside of North Cornwall.

Do you use running as a way of getting away from everyday noise?

Enjoy the silence x


5 thoughts on “Make room for Silence

  1. I do use my running as a way of finding solitude but I find that I’m equally in my own personal space whether I’m on a trail with nobody for a dozen miles around me or in the middle of the city. I do love disconnecting from the world for a while and there is nothing better than finding my silence, especially on the trail, perhaps that is why I enjoy the ultra marathons… something for me to think about πŸ™‚ Nice posting

  2. Often an escape, always a challenge, but a clear time that is needed πŸ™‚

  3. Precisely why I am also a trail runner and love morning runs. I’m training for a road marathon at the moment and am truly sick of being on tarmac for my long runs. Can’t wait to get back to just being on trails again no matter what the weather.
    Although I will always of course be jealous of your coastal path playground.

    1. Thank you Ben, any time you & your family are near just give me a tweet, would love to share my playground with my running tweeps!

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