About Me

Lara’s the name | Running’s the game | Since 2008

I run to stay strong, feel alive & to get creative. It’s my zen. It enables me to view life from a clear perspective and appreciate what I love and enjoy.

Running has taken me to various places both physically, mentally & spiritually. I’ve achieved more than I thought I could, with a road marathon being run in 2012 and most recently a trail marathon in 2017, several half marathons, 10K’s & other distances in between! A triathlon, adventure race and Commando Challenge completed I have made running a part of my life, a big part.

Becoming a run leader for the Womens Running Network and setting up a local running group in 2009 enabled me to pass some of my passion on to the women that attended twice weekly sessions. To see them take on ever increasing personal challenges was a real privilege and gave me a very real desire to challenge myself more. When a woman tells you she has come off her depression drugs after having run with the group for little over 10 weeks, you can’t help but feel moved and privileged to have been part of that person’s journey.

I’m looking forward to more events lined up for this coming year with trail running and most recently canicross featuring heavily after we rescued our GSP girl last year. I also have the enviable position of being able to train in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK around the coastline of North Cornwall and in Bude Sea Pool. Life is good.




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